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If you are looking for a personal injury litigation attorney, it’s probably because you’ve suffered a serious or debilitating personal injury due to the negligence of another. You or an injured loved one is on one side, and on the other is the negligent person or company, guarded by the insurance carrier’s attorneys in place to defend the insurance carrier’s obligation to pay fair compensation for the injuries caused by their insured. At Law Office of Aaron A. Karger, P.A. we seek to level the playing field, so that the injured party is able to have their case heard in court should it come to that, on equal footing with those multi-billion dollar insurance corporations that defend the negligent party.

We believe that taking personal responsibility means people and companies that injure others due to negligence should be held accountable for the losses. We believe accountability for negligence not only provides for the needs of the injured, but also makes our communities safer.

We represent individuals and corporations in a wide array of personal injury disputes, including:

● Catastrophic Injuries
● Insurance and Bad Faith
● Auto Accidents
● Negligent Security
● Negligent Hiring/Supervision
● Pedestrian Accidents
● Premises Liability
● Slip-and-fall accidents
● Wrongful Death

Law Office of Aaron A. Karger | Miami Litigation Attorney


Litigation can distract you from business goals and take away significantly from your bottom line. In today’s business world however, litigation is sometimes inevitable, therefore you need an effective lawyer on your side.  We understand the importance of choosing the right lawyer and a competent law firm to handle litigation. We look for approaches that will be most effective, taking account of economic and non-economic objectives. We have the skills to argue your case in the courtroom, at the bargaining table, or to achieve resolution at the outset of your dispute, but our goal is to keep you out of court by helping you identify and proactively respond to potential problems before they become lawsuits.

Our commercial litigation practice includes: general business litigation, residential and commercial landlord/tenant representation, real estate contract litigation, and civil rights.

Law Office of Aaron A. Karger | Miami Litigation Attorney


At the Law Office of Aaron A. Karger, P.A., we represent people who have been accused or charged with crimes in Miami, Florida and the surrounding areas.  From experience as a former Miami-Dade county prosecutor, we understand the rights of the criminally accused, as well as the high stakes involved for defendants and their families. Our tough advocacy on behalf of clients charged with crimes has led to many favorable outcomes.

From the outset, we work aggressively to get the charges against you dismissed or reduced. If a dismissal is not possible, we will continue to negotiate with prosecutors, while building the strongest defense we can for trial. We will investigate your case, interview witnesses, and work to exclude damaging evidence against you.

The potential legal penalties for criminal convictions are harsh. They can include lengthy jail or prison time, hefty fines, intensive treatment programs, many hours of community service, and probation. Just as difficult as these legal consequences is the social stigma that accompanies a conviction, which can be demoralizing, affecting one’s job opportunities and personal relationships.

If you have been accused or charged with a crime, call our office. All consultations are confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege.

Our criminal defense practice includes: Driving under the influence (DUI), Drug crimes, Assault and Battery, Domestic violence, Theft, Probation violations, Motor vehicle offenses and Restraining orders.