Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation can distract you from business goals and take away significantly from your bottom line. In today’s business world however, litigation is sometimes inevitable, therefore you need an effective commercial litigation attorney on your side. At Law Offices of Aaron A. Karger, P.A. we understand the importance of choosing the right lawyer, and a competent law firm to handle business disputes and litigation. We look for approaches that will be most effective, taking account of economic and non-economic objectives.

We have the skills to argue your case in the courtroom, at the bargaining table, or to achieve resolution at the outset of your dispute; but our goal is to keep you out of court by helping you identify and proactively respond to potential problems before they become lawsuits. As a top Miami business litigation law firm, we are proud to handle commercial litigation cases in Miami, Florida as well as the surrounding areas.

With Miami business litigation, commercial litigation in Miami, as well as general Miami litigation being a few of the practices in which we focus, we are confident in our offering of business dispute and litigation services. Our commercial litigation practice in Miami includes: general business litigation, residential and commercial landlord/tenant representation, real estate contract litigation, and civil rights litigation. When searching for the correct Miami commercial litigation lawyer, search no further! Allow the Law Offices of Aaron A Karger P.A. help you today! Business dispute attorney is a competitive field, and we are happy to be at the top.

Commercial Litigation

Listen to our satisfied clients:

When a legal conclusion is good and fair, it’s no accident. It takes knowledge, energy, diligence and legal skills. In my case against the City of Miami, your skills, diligence and finesse were clearly evident. I could not have asked for better representation. Please accept my deepest thanks for all of your talents expended on my behalf. Your advice and guidance were invaluable and I am very pleased with the result. Again, thank you.

I can’t say enough about how pleased I am about the outcome of my case due to Aaron’s level of commitment and negotiating skills. Not only is he a shrewd attorney, he is also very compassionate and always available for my questions. I would highly recommend him.

Aaron Karger is a tenacious, clever and resourceful attorney who does not disappoint.  No matter how big or small the case is, he works with the same strength and dedication.  Thanks Aaron for the opportunity to be your client.


Aaron was incredibly professional, he did not let me wait; always kept me informed of my case.  I recommend him to everyone.

My situation was such that when I contacted Mr. Karger I needed immediate legal counsel. He was incredibly responsive prioritizing me as a client quickly diagnosing my situation, assessing all possible outcomes, and taking immediate steps to secure an optimal resolution. In the weeks Mr. Karger represented me he was very communicative sharing his strategy, actions taken, and updates on each milestone reached. I much appreciated being part of the process and it gave me insight into his qualifications and approach. First and foremost, Mr. Karger is very knowledgeable of real estate law which was important to my case. He established and maintained an aggressive cadence challenging all parties to be responsive and holding them accountable to tight timelines. Mr. Karger’s organizational skills, discipline and acumen I believe were the key differentiators and drivers to winning a successful settlement. I highly recommend him.

Mr. Karger handled an issue with my landlord promptly, professionally and cost-effectively. I got a swift resolution with an excellent result. I highly endorse him for real estate issues.

The service I received from Aaron Karger was incredible. Although it was a small case, he treated it like a priority and he put maximum effort into it. Emails were promptly returned and Aaron was always available. The outcome was better than I ever expected. I give him my highest recommendation. Aaron Karger is the best attorney I have ever worked with.

I contacted Aaron for a past landlord-tenant issue. I recently received a letter from the debt collector as a result of the issue. I was seeking advice on my next course of actions. Although Aaron does not specialize in dealing with debt collectors, he was still able to help me analyze the situation and offered his feedback. He was very helpful and thorough. Highly recommended.

Aaron provided invaluable advice in an eviction case. He knew the law cold – provided fast and efficient answers – gave Statute references to help and probably saved us from a huge loss in court. I will absolutely come back to hire him for follow up work in the future.