Project Description

AB lived with her partner in a trailer park.  The landlord was grossly negligent in the way it maintained and made repairs to the property.  The landlord allowed a defect in the flooring to go unrepaired, which resulted in the severe deterioration of the flooring in AB’s trailer.  AB notified her landlord on several occasions of this.  They ignored her.  AB and her partner would have otherwise moved out of the trailer, but for not having the financial resources to enter into a new lease for alternative housing.   Ultimately, AB fell through the floor of her trailer home, fracturing her wrist which later manifested in a dangerous disease.  AB had to undergo invasive wrist surgery as a result.

AB contacted Aaron to see if he could help her.  Aaron filed a lawsuit against AB’s landlord, and recovered for AB through a settlement more than three times her medical bills against the landlord.