Personal Injury

If you are looking for a personal injury attorney, it’s probably because you’ve suffered a serious or debilitating personal injury due to the negligence of another. You or an injured loved one is on one side, and on the opposing side is the negligent person or company. Often the negligent individual is guarded by the insurance companies’ attorneys in place to defend the obligation to pay fair compensation for the injuries caused by the insured party.

At Law Offices of Aaron A. Karger, P.A. our personal injury representation team seeks to level the playing field. We will fight so that you, the injured party will able to have your case heard in court, should a settlement not be reached. This allows for our client’s case to be heard on equal footing with multi-billion-dollar insurance companies’ that defend the negligent party.

We believe that taking personal responsibility means people and companies that injure others due to negligence should be held accountable for the losses. We believe accountability for negligence not only provides for the needs of the injured, but also makes our communities safer.

Law Offices of Aaron A Karger, P.A. is a personal injury litigation law firm that represents those who have been seriously physically or psychologically injured due to negligent security, premises liability (slip and falls), wrongful death, auto accidents, or from intentional torts such as sexual assault and battery. Please contact us at 305-577-7772 if we can be of assistance to you or someone you know. All case consultations are free and confidential.

Personal Injury

Listen to our satisfied clients:

Mr. Karger, we are so grateful for your passion that helped each of our family members during a very difficult time in our lives. The dedicated hours you and your team provided over the last several months resulted in providing a more secure environment for our daughters. Thank you once again for your legal advice, counsel, and time.”

When a legal conclusion is good and fair, it’s no accident. It takes knowledge, energy, diligence and legal skills. In my case against the City of Miami, your skills, diligence and finesse were clearly evident. I could not have asked for better representation. Please accept my deepest thanks for all of your talents expended on my behalf. Your advice and guidance were invaluable and I am very pleased with the result. Again, thank you.

I can’t say enough about how pleased I am about the outcome of my case due to Aaron’s level of commitment and negotiating skills. Not only is he a shrewd attorney, he is also very compassionate and always available for my questions. I would highly recommend him.

Aaron Karger is a tenacious, clever and resourceful attorney who does not disappoint.  No matter how big or small the case is, he works with the same strength and dedication.  Thanks Aaron for the opportunity to be your client.


Aaron was incredibly professional, he did not let me wait; always kept me informed of my case.  I recommend him to everyone.

My situation was such that when I contacted Mr. Karger I needed immediate legal counsel. He was incredibly responsive prioritizing me as a client quickly diagnosing my situation, assessing all possible outcomes, and taking immediate steps to secure an optimal resolution. In the weeks Mr. Karger represented me he was very communicative sharing his strategy, actions taken, and updates on each milestone reached. I much appreciated being part of the process and it gave me insight into his qualifications and approach. First and foremost, Mr. Karger is very knowledgeable of real estate law which was important to my case. He established and maintained an aggressive cadence challenging all parties to be responsive and holding them accountable to tight timelines. Mr. Karger’s organizational skills, discipline and acumen I believe were the key differentiators and drivers to winning a successful settlement. I highly recommend him.

Mr. Karger handled an issue with my landlord promptly, professionally and cost-effectively. I got a swift resolution with an excellent result. I highly endorse him for real estate issues.

The service I received from Aaron Karger was incredible. Although it was a small case, he treated it like a priority and he put maximum effort into it. Emails were promptly returned and Aaron was always available. The outcome was better than I ever expected. I give him my highest recommendation. Aaron Karger is the best attorney I have ever worked with.

I contacted Aaron for a past landlord-tenant issue. I recently received a letter from the debt collector as a result of the issue. I was seeking advice on my next course of actions. Although Aaron does not specialize in dealing with debt collectors, he was still able to help me analyze the situation and offered his feedback. He was very helpful and thorough. Highly recommended.

Aaron provided invaluable advice in an eviction case. He knew the law cold – provided fast and efficient answers – gave Statute references to help and probably saved us from a huge loss in court. I will absolutely come back to hire him for follow up work in the future.